Free Shakeology Sample

Shakeology has been one of the biggest influences in my health and fitness. I  believe this stuff works so much that I will send you a sample out of my own pocket if you’d like to try it.

It’s not magic, so one sample won’t transform your life, but if you are considering Shakeology and are hesitant to buy it before you taste it, that’s what this sample offer is for. For wanting to see the effects of Shakeology for yourself, you can purchase Shakeology with a 30 day money back guarantee (even if you try the whole bag). If you are not serious about ordering Shakeology, please don’t ask me for a sample because it costs me over $6 of my own money to send each sample out. Thanks!

The requirements for receiving a free Shakeology sample are:

1) I have to be your Team Beachbody Coach! If I am not already, you can sign up here: make me your coach.

2)  Read about the awesome benefits of Shakeology (not really a requirement, but I highly recommend it!)

3) You haven’t tried Shakeology before and are serious about ordering Shakeology if you like the taste.

4) At the bottom of this page you will need to fill out the form for a sample.

Please indicate which flavor you would like. The best thing is to try it, but if you aren’t sure which flavor to try, here’s my best attempt at a description:

  • Chocolate: not like some whey proteins, this flavor is a very rich, somewhat dark chocolate flavor. Don’t let that deter you though, I’m not a dark chocolate fan but absolutely love the Chocolate flavor. It’s REALLY good when blended with peanut butter.
  • Vanilla (my favorite): a super rich vanilla flavor that’s a great base for all kinds of mixtures. My favorite is the Apple Pie Recipe.
  • Strawberry: a light strawberry milkshake flavor, a really good flavor to mix with other fruits.
  • Greenberry: To me and my wife, it tastes like Fruit Loops. It’s really good when mixed with other fruits in a blender.
  • Vegan Chocolate (my wife’s favorite): the vegan chocolate shakeology has a lighter, more milk chocolate/cocoa powder taste.
  • Tropical Strawberry (vegan): Pretty much tastes as you’d imagine. A strong strawberry flavor with subtle banana and pineapple flavors. It’s vegan formula makes the texture slightly gritty though (I don’t mind it, my wife does though).

Thanks for being on my team!

–Coach Jed

Free Shakeology Sample Form