Challenge Groups: Get motivation and support for your fitness!

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What is a Challenge Group? 

A Challenge Group is a committed group of 5 people or more plus a coach (that’s me) that are dedicated to getting fit and healthy while keeping the group accountable for the duration of the workout program.

Rules (steps to join):

  1. Make me your Coach
  2. Contact me on Facebook and let me know you want to be in a Challenge Group
  3. Choose a Workout program: popular ones are P90X, P90X2, Insanity, Les Mills Pump, Les Mills Combat, Body Beast, and Brazil Butt Lift. If you don’t know which program would best suite your needs, I can help!
  4. Get Shakeology: Nutrition is a must for you to get the best results, and Shakeology is the best way I’ve found to get the best nutrition!. Find out more about Shakeology. You can get a discount on Shakeology by purchasing a Challenge Pack which includes Shake-O with a workout program.
  5. Track your Progress: Take day 1, 30, 90 pictures, take body measurements, measure your Body Fat %, and your weight. The best way to see how far you’ve come is seeing where you’ve been.
  6. Be Active in the Group: post in the Facebook group at least once a day. encourage others, tell the group if you’ve been slacking, show us your progress. This is a support group, so be active in supporting others and getting support!
  7. Suggestion: TELL YOUR FRIENDS! You can get friends and family to do this with you, and I will guide you all along the way with my experience and expertise when the going gets tough.
  8. Start Dates: Generally I try to start the groups off the 1st monday each month, if not the 2nd. That way, everyone can easily remember the schedule, and you can be sure to get all the preparation done prior to starting.


Thats right, besides the reward of great results, I will personally reward you from my own resources for bringing it! Here are the details:

  1. Challenge Points: To get awards, you got to get points. Points are awarded for participation in the group, completing workouts, tracking and sharing progress, recruiting others into the group, and for being voted “best transformation.”
  2. Completion Award: For finishing the Challenge, I’ll give you a Fitness for Travel T-Shirt, water bottle, or gym bag.
  3. Best Challenger Award: whoever received the most points wins the grand prize!
    1. For Groups of 5-9: the Best Challenger will receive a $100 Visa Gift Card
    2. For Groups of 10 or more: the Best Challenger will have the choice of 1) a Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor ($200 value) 2) a pair of Jaybird Bluebuds X ($170 value) or 3) a $200 visa gift card.

Disclaimer: in the event that two or more people drop out of the challenge within the first month of the challenge, I will not be able to give out the Best Challenger Award. The incentive is to not only complete the Challenge, but make sure the whole group does as well.


If you join a Challenge Group and stick with it, you will see results! The most dramatic results I’ve experienced and seen with others has been with a Challenge Group!

And remember, the Challenge doesn’t have to end! Become a coach, start a Challenge group of your own, and continue to get great results while helping others also achieve their fitness goals!

Got Questions? Want to join a group? Friend Request me on Facebook ( and leave a message. Or, fill in the contact form below and mention “Challenge Group” in the message.

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