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Clean Eating

Posted By on Apr 12, 2014

Ever wonder what the heck you should buy at the grocery store to get in shape, feel better, and live healthy? My fellow coach Shannon just wrote an amazing blog post on what items she gets to stay healthy and eat clean. Check it out: Clean...

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Taurine. According to its proponents, the amino acid is practically a “wonder drug,” with benefits ranging from enhancing your workout and mental focus to improving heart health and treating epilepsy. Primarily, you’ll find taurine in energy drinks like Red Bull, NOS, Monster, and Rockstar, but it’s also in  some pre-workout supplements and even baby formula.  You’ll also find taurine abundantly in your...

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MSG. If you like your soup and salad, it’s in your soup, your salad dressing, and your crackers. Those frequent trips to the vending machine when you got the munchies for Cheetos? MSG is there too. Too rushed for time and have to get some fast food? You’ll be hard pressed to find a joint that’s sans-MSG. There’s been a lot of talk, hype, and contervosy over this umami flavor enhancer, but does it deserve the...

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Stevia. Though it has gone by almost unnoticed by the general public for years, it’s current status as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) by the FDA has spearheaded the natural zero-calorie sweetener to the mainstream. Stevia is purported to be a safe,  all-natural sweetening agent without the bloodsugar-spiking effects of sugars. Formerly, such zero-cal bloodsugar-safe descriptions were reserved for lab-made ingredients  and...

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