About Jed

Growing up, I was not athletic to any degree. Sure I played soccer, basketball, and got to a blue belt in karate—but that was third grade. In fact, I quit my karate class because to advance to the next belt, I had to do a fitness test in which I had to do ten chin-ups—I couldn’t do one—so I quit. Thus my fitness and athleticism peaked when I was just in the 3rd grade.

This was me before P90X. I never cared how I looked, but my health was awful

After that, I stopped sports and the most physical demanding physical activity I would do was the occasional hike or youth group game. I didn’t really care about health or fitness too much since like some teenage boys, I could eat junk all day and not gain a pound. I was the quintessential 135 pound Shelton from “Big-bang Theory,” but shorter and less smart.

After high school I went to staff with Youth With a Mission in several different countries. During that time, I would get sick A LOT! Whether it was bronchitis in Egypt, food poisoning in Nepal, or dehydration in India, my poor fitness and health took a toll on my travels. I was inspired for a while and tried to start running, but after a month the habit didn’t stick, and I still had no concept on healthy eating.

It wasn’t until I got married and my teenager-metabolism slowed down that I finally got a wake-up call. I had gained over 30 pounds! At 175lbs I wasn’t overweight, but I knew it wasn’t 30 pounds of muscle that I had gained. Even though that got me thinking about changing my lifestyle, it took me another year to get the motivation to do it. Being  stateside for awhile, we eventually moved into an apartment complex with a free-to-use gym. My desire for fitness soon became fulfilled with this new convenience. I just didn’t know what to do.

After P90X I didn't get sick as often & could even do pull-ups!

After a few months of starting to get fit, one of my friends introduced me to P90X—though at first I thought he was talking about a protein drink! After figuring out it was a fitness program, I decided to try it out in January of 2010. I haven’t looked back since.

When I started, I could barely do 3 sloppy pull-ups, 20 pushups, and could only last through half the ab routine. I didn’t follow the food guide, so my results were much slower, but I still saw improvements—like being able to do 11 non-sloppy pullups and not getting sick as often. Since then I also got into other programs like Insanity, P90X+, and now P90X2 (and now I’m eating clean).

During the past 2 years of this fitness journey, I have moved 3 times, traveled to 9 countries, and am now preparing to be a father. With this changing lifestyle, my fitness and health plan has needed to be very adaptable and flexible.

I am currently going through P90X2 and getting healthier every day!

Unlike gyms, gadgets, one-off videos, and crappy health foods, I’ve found P90X and other Beachbody products have actually fit with this constant change.

For those of you who can relate in trying to squeeze healthy living with “crazy” living, I am here to help. I recently became an Independent Beachbody Coach because I want to forward the success (and prevent the failures) I’ve gleaned over the past 2 years to you. If you’re constantly on the move in travel or in your schedule, I became a coach to help you.

My friends know that when I get into something, I get passionate about it and try share it as much as possible—like a good movie or the next Apple device. That’s what I’m doing with P90X & Beachbody, being a Coach is a venue for that passion and a way to forward my results to others.

You can make me your coach for free here.